The chickens are my favorite animals on the farm. We have over 10 different breeds, that we just keep for pets and eggs. We sell a small amount of our surplus eggs to neighbors and locals.

Coming in 2020 - we hope to breed Salmon Faverolles and Brahmas. Stay Tuned!


We just have one Astralorp. The other black one is an Old English.

Egg color: Brown

Barred Plymouth Rock Rock

Egg color: Brown, Light Brown

Blue Andalusians

Egg color: White


We just got this breed in 2019 and hope to hatch chicks for sale next year.

Egg color: Brown

Buff Orpington

Egg color: Light brown


Feather footed chickens. The buff and barred are roosters.

Egg color: Light brown


Her name is Stripes. She likes to hang out with the horses.

They have a rose comb.

Egg color: Brown

Easter Eggers?

I've got two of these chickens with very floppy combs. They came with my "predator resistant" package I ordered from cackle hatchery. I'm not 100% sure on the breed.

Old English Game Fowl

Egg color: Tinted, Cream

This is "Wingman" our one winged rooster. He was born with one wing and is pretty quiet and docile for a rooster. He stays in his yard and watches over his hens.

Rhode Island Red

Egg color: Brown

Salmon Faverolle

French with 5 toes and beards and muff. They are my favorites!

Egg color: Light brown, Pinkish


We have Silver and Golden laced.

Have a Rose Comb.

Egg color: Brown, Tan


New Addition in 2019. Dutch breed. The Kellogg's rooster was a Welsummer!

Egg color: Dark Brown

Guinea Fowl

We also have about 20 guinea fowl.

Guineas originated in Africa and are great for eating ticks and sounding the alarm for anything out of the ordinary.

Pearl Grey

The standard grey color that is most common.

Royal Purple



We have 2 Pekin ducks that were dropped off by a good samaritan. A family purchased the ducks for easter thinking they would stay small but as they got bigger and messier they decided to take the pet ducks to a local park and leave them. The park geese were very upset these 2 ducks were invading their territory and started attacking them. The good samaritan watching all this take place quickly went to the rescue of the ducks and the ran to her gladly, she put them in her car and then desperately started calling local "farms" after a few "No's" she drove to our place. I was outside feeding the chickens and she asked if I would take them. Of course we couldn't say no. So, we have 2 ducks who are very happy living with all the chickens.