We rescued Link from the Humane Society in 2015 and he has been a joy to have around. He loves to hang out with the guys and is very laid back and easy going. He does have a little bit of eventing blood in him as he does ride and occasionally jump! Ryan Hall @eventingmydonkey taught Link everything he knows about being an eventer.


Miniature donkey that wandered into our neighbors yard in 2017. Our neighbor assumed he belonged to me and opened our gate to let him in. We came home to terrified horses who didn't know what to make of this tiny guy. He instantly became part of the family. However, in 2018 we found him a new home because I was getting deployed for the Navy and wanted him to get all the love and cuddles that he deserves.


Benji came to our house in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl 2018. He had been attacked by dogs and had never been handled before. He almost lost his ear but thankfully it was saved. He has been become more and more friendly. He is extremely smart. I was so surprised at how quickly he learned things. We just have to tell him its dinner time and he runs right over to his bucket. We also found him a new home July 2018 since he was all healed up, halter broke, and easy to handle.