2nd Litter

Our 2nd Litter of Piglets

Millie was ready to pop any day and I was about to go to Japan for 3 weeks for the Navy. The night before I left Millie decided it was time and we were able to sit with her and watch her give birth to 7 healthy piglets! I was so lucky to still be home but sad I had to miss the first 3 weeks of their lives.

Ziggy - Ginger and black male stripe down his back in a zig zag. Built like a tank with adorable floppy ears. Will be an excellent boar in the breeding program he went to.

Eclipse - Black and brown male with a full circle on his butt. They were born right after the big solar eclipse we had just had.

Spade - Black and brown male with a spade shaped marking on his forehead.

Lashes - Black and brown female with crazy long lashes. She was the tiniest and went to a petting zoo.

Sassy - Ginger and black female. One all black ear that made it look like she had a bow or flower in her ear. She went to be a pet pig with a nice family who is starting their hobby farm.

Peaches - ginger and black female also with white. Went to a home close by with brother Eclipse.

Legs - ginger and black male. Has one all black leg.

Tiny Babies

This was their first time nursing right after being born.

3 Weeks Old

When I got back from Japan I had a lot of catching up to do. Here are some pictures of them when I got back.

2 Months Old

This was right after weaning time. We had to wean them right at 6 weeks. 7 piglets for Millie to take care of was a lot! We let the babies all go grazing with mom and dad until it was time to full separate mom from her babies. Then they had to graze separately till her milk dries up and they no longer try to nurse.

3 and 4 Months Old

This is the gang at 3 months when we had 5 piglets. Now they are 4 months old and we have 4 left but Peaches didn't want to cuddle with her brothers so we have a picture of the 3 of them.