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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)  Sessions

We are certified Magnawave practitioners and have experience working with horses, livestock, pets, and humans! 

Human Wellness Session

We offer two different options for a full body session. You can do a 20 minute higher intensity session using the large loop or a 45 minute lower intensity session using the full body mat. Contact us today to discuss the difference and schedule a visit. $60

Pet Wellness or Injury Session

We can work with all kinds of pets or animals. If you think your pet could benefit from PEMF contact us today. starting at $40

Horse Full Body Session

Horse full body session generally last 45 minutes. We do a scan of your horse to see if there are any reactive areas.Then treat the whole body in 4 sections and add on additional areas if needed. Horse full body session is $70

Livestock Wellness or Injury Session

Our specialty is show pigs! Since we breed and raise pigs we just love them. We can also work with your cows, alpacas, chickens, you name it! Starting at $40 

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