Shyla is our little Trish gilt, she has such an interesting and adorable face. She is super shy, hence the name "Shyla".  Can't wait to watch her grow up. Expect to see Piglets from her  Spring 2022. Ranseur came from our all time favorite boar. These two are both double wattled and will produce offspring with a COI of 3.63%



Please contact us to join the waiting list for upcoming piglets. Once we have piglets born and your name is next on the list,  I will contact you with pictures and information for you to select the piglet of your choice. Once you have selected a piglet a deposit of $100 is due. Piglets will be weaned at 8 weeks and you will be able to pick up or have your piglet delivered at that time. Once you pick up your piglet the remaining balance is due. We charge $400 for pet pigs and $600 for breeding stock. We do offer multi pig and repeat customer discounts. 



*All female pets come with a spay clause. They will need to be spayed at owners expense before 6 months of age or will be forfeited back to Halbert Farm. An estimate from your veterinarian is required before reserving a female pet piglet.

KNBF Trish 2 - "Shyla" & BPK 1 Tonganui - "Ranseur" Piglets

  • BPK Tonganui 1 - “Ranseur”

    Double Wattled 

    DOB:  Sep 29, 2020

    Color: Brown / White

    Bloodlines: Tonganui / Awakino

    Registrations: IKHR 21242