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We have a few Bielefelder hens left, they are almost laying age. We have sold all chicks and males. Once these Bielefelders are gone, we wil no longer offer them so this is your last chance to get them from Halbert Farm. We are making room for our show chickens.


This is a fairly new breed that is super docile, easy to care for, and large! Males can be 10+ pounds and females just slightly smaller!  They are considered a heritage breed and originate from Germany in the 1970s. They are good at heat tolerance but even better in cold climates. So far we have had no trouble with them in our Texas weather.


Please check my facebook post for the latest birds that are currently available.


Bielefelders are very beautiful birds. The hens have a brown ground color overlaid with faint bars of white and gray. Males have orange barred hackles, backs, and saddles with the tails and breast being black with white barring. Our Rooster was a crowd favorite 


They are auto-sexing! Bielefelder male babies have reddish shades with yellow dot on head. Bielefelder female babies have reddish shades with NO yellow dot on head.


They lay 221-280 large brown eggs a year. 


Bielefelder Hens

    • We do not ship live chicks at this time. 
    • All live poultry is availalbe for local pickup only.
  • Pullets / Hens

    • $10 for female chicks, 1 day to 3 months old

    • $15 for pullets 3 - 6 month old

    • $20 for over 6 months old

    Cockerels / Roosters

    • $8 for male chicks, 1 day to 3 months old

    • 3-6 month old Cockerels - $10

    • $15 for over 6 months old

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