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Meet the heart of Halbert Farm – our Kunekune breeding herd. These exceptional pigs are carefully selected for their temperament, health, and conformation, representing a diverse range of bloodlines. We're proud of our commitment to genetic diversity, showcasing 7 out of 11 active boar lines and 11 of 14 sow lines in our herd. Whether you're searching for your next beloved pet, a top-quality herd sire, compatible breeding females, or a starter herd to begin your own Kunekune adventure, we're here to help you find the perfect match.

Meet the Boars

Our Kunekune boars are the foundation of our breeding program, selected for their exceptional temperament, conformation, and genetic diversity. We're proud to offer representation from 7 of the 11 boar lines, including Boris, Tonganui, Mahia Love, Tuahuru, Whakanui, Tutaki, and Ru. Each boar brings unique qualities to our herd, ensuring healthy, happy piglets that meet the highest standards of the breed.

Meet the Sows

Our Kunekune sows are the backbone of our herd, nurturing and raising healthy piglets with love and care. These ladies have been chosen for their gentle dispositions, strong conformation, and proven mothering abilities. We are committed to maintaining genetic diversity within our sow herd, ensuring the health and vitality of future generations of Kunekune pigs. We are proud to represent 11 of the 14 active sow lines, including Jenny, Aria Giana, Tarutaru, Tapeka, Momoma, Haunene, Kereopa, Sally, Trish, Awakino, and BH Rebecca Gina.