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Color: Black & White

Female* (Pet) - No Wattles

Cardamon is a purebred kunekune, known for their docile nature and easy-to-handle size. She has a beautiful black and white coat with an adorable pink nose. Raised with care and love on our farm, Cardamon is already showing signs of intelligence and playfulness. She will make the perfect addition to any family or farm looking for a charming and affectionate piglet. She is availalbe as a pet*(See Spay Clause below) for $500 or for an additional $100 can be registered with AKKPS. 


Email us today if you would like to reserve this piglet.


Will be weaned and ready for pickup on 12/2


Date of Birth: October 12, 2023

COI:  4.08%



*All female pets come with a spay clause. They will need to be spayed at the owner's expense before 6 months of age or will be forfeited back to Halbert Farm. An estimate from your veterinarian is required before reserving a female pet piglet.


All piglets are vaccindated againts:

  • Circovirus 
  • Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae
  • Bordetella bronchiseptica
  • Pasteurella multocida types A and D
  • Erysipelas

Cardamon - Halbert Farm Jenny

  • BPK Tonganui 1 - “Ranseur”

    Double Wattled 

    Color: Brown / White

    Designator: None

    DOB:  Sep 29, 2020

    Dual Registered: AKKPS 8285 / IKHR 21242

    Bloodlines: Tonganui / Awakino

    COI: AKKPS 4.4% / IKHR 2.6%

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