Mace's litter has finally arrived! Eight healthy piglets born October 2, 2020. They will be weaned and ready for pick up on November 27th.


Halbert Farm Aria Giana 2 - "Aspen"

Female - No Wattles

White and Black "High White"

COI 5.7%

Pricked Ears

10 (5/5) evenly spaced teats 


This girl is my favorite out of the litter! Her left ear is black and she has a black spot just above her right eye.  Since Mace had her piglets while I was in Grand Teton National Park all the piglets are nicknamed after something from the park. Thier names can be changed at time of registration.



Please contact us to join the waiting list for upcoming piglets. Once we have piglets born and your name is next on the list,  I will contact you with pictures and information for you to select the piglet of your choice. Once you have selected a piglet a deposit of $100 is due. Piglets will be weaned at 8 weeks and you will be able to pick up or have your piglet delivered at that time. Once you pickup your piglet the remaining balance is due. We charge $300 for pet pigs and $600 for breeding stock. We do offer multi pig and repeat customer discounts. 

"Aspen" Halbert Farm Aria Giana 2

    • 7 day trial period for all pigs with a 100% money back
    • 1 year free from health defects guarantee for all piglets bred here
    •  Forever Home - at anytime if you can no longer take care of you pig, he/she will always have a home here at Halbert Farm 
    • All pigs come with: 
      •  Care instruction packet
      • 1 weeks supply of food 
      • Dewormed
      • Vaccinated against Circovirus, Erysipelas, Parvo, and the 5 most common strains of Lepto
    • Male pet pigs will be neutered free of charge