It all started with our Airbnb tour naming the little adventurous piglet "Rogue" which reminded me of Star Wars, so we have named all Scarlett's piglets after Star Wars Movies. We have A New Hope, The Rise of Skywalker, and now Revenge of the Sith which was Episode 3. 


Female Pet Quality*

Color: Black / White

Date of Birth: July 31, 2021

Will be weaned and ready for pickup: September 25, 2021


Dam: Halbert Farm Jenny 8 - "Sovnya" aka Scarlett

Scarlett is Nugget's full sister and daughter to Panda. She has really turned into a really cute kunekune, double wattled and has everything going for her. 


Sire: AKPR 7905 Kunekune Preserve Boris 9 - Uno

Uno was our very first registred boar so he holds a very special place in our hearts. He is also super compact but big boned and the most gentle well mannered boar we have ever met. His offspring are always so friendly and sweet. 

Uno & Scarlett  has a 6.8% COI.




All female pets come with a spay clause. An estimate from your veterinarian is required before reserving a female pet piglet. Female pets will need to be spayed between 4 - 6 months of age or age recommended by the owner's veterinarian. Once proof of spay is provided to Halbert Farm  I will venmo you back $100 so females are $300 with a $100 spay deposit. If the owner fails to get their female pet piglet spayed by 6 months they will be forfeited back to Halbert Farm.



Please contact us to join the waiting list for upcoming piglets. Once we have piglets born and your name is next on the list,  I will contact you with pictures and information for you to select the piglet of your choice. Once you have selected a piglet a deposit of $100 is due. Piglets will be weaned at 8 weeks and you will be able to pick up or have your piglet delivered at that time. Once you pickup your piglet the remaining balance is due. We charge $400 for pet pigs and $600 for breeding stock. We do offer multi pig and repeat customer discounts. 


"Sith" - Halbert Farm Jenny 19

  • Kunekune Preserve Boris 9 - "Uno"

    No Wattles

    Color: Ginger/Black

    DOB: 9/9/2013

    Dual Registered: AKKPS 0482  / AKPR 7905 

    Bloodlines: Boris / Rona 

  • Halbert Farm Jenny 8 - "Sovnya" aka Scarlet

    Double Wattled

    DOB: 4/19/2019

    Color: Tri

    Dual Registation: AKKPS 9208 / AKPR 12004

    Bloodlines: Jenny / Mahia Love

    COI: AKKPS 8.9% / AKPR 2.00%