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Farm Map

This is the top 3 acres of our farm. We have a pens for the girls, boys and piglets. The girls and boys take turns grazing each day. If it's "girl day" the girls go out to the grazing area. If it's "boy day" the boys get to go out. We also have the "side yard" that we use for smaller pigs till they are big enough to live with the adults. The pigs are "locked" up at night in their pens around dinner time which is usually around 5 - 6 pm.

Pig Pens Zoomed In

Right now we have 1 camera in the piglet pen. It's the big red dot. The red lines represent the gates. We have a shared gate that swings one way of the other to let the boys or girls out during their grazing day. The gate is locked open so the pigs can come back up to the pens to relax in the shade, take a dip in their pools or get a drink of water from the blue barrels.

We have a total of 10 acres. The back 7 acres is sectioned off into 5 paddocks we named A, B, C, D, E. The horses get let out in the mornings after breakfast and come back up around 4 pm daily. The horses go into one of the 5 paddocks and we rotate the paddocks about every week.

The cows are allowed to roam all over and normally come up around dinner time. They sleep near the chicken pen at night.

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