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Ripley's 1st Birthday

Ripley's party was a hit! We had a piñata and yummy treats for the guests. Chopper and Franky were the guests and Ranger the dachshund showed up uninvited!

Here are some of the supplies we got from Amazon that made her party a success!

The Push- N- Pop Treat dispenser is Ripley's new favorite toy! She really doesn't have a lot of patience for treat puzzles and this one was so easy for her to figure out and use. She just pushes it and out pops the Cheerios!

The crown fit her perfectly and stayed on very well! She wore it multiple times throughout the day and it is very well made. I've had other hats where the strap breaks right away and this one lasted and is still as good as new.

Ripley's beautiful party dress was made by Rosie and Doreen at Snort Life they have made Ester the Wonder Pig's clothes! Here is a video of Ripley showing off her party dress!

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