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Thank you for a successful 2021!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

What a great year we had! We had 8 litters with a total of 50 piglets! We could not have done it without all the support from friends, family, fellow breeders, Twitch viewers, Insta-family, Airbnb Animal Experience Visitors, and our new pigrents that welcomed a Halbert Herd piglet into their families this year. Thank you so much for making this year such a success!

We only breed our girls once a year so this was 8 different moms with litters farrowing from March 24th to October 9th! We had 3 first time moms, Scarlett, Dorothy, and Nugget. They all had perfect babies and were excellent first time mothers. The last litter of this year was Mace. All 9 of her piglets have now been reserved. If you are still on our waiting list, you should receive a separate email from me soon.

The new rule from IKHR only allowing double wattled pigs to be registered has made breeding challenging this year. It was hard to see really nice unwattled pigs no longer be qualified to be registered. We also seemed to have more unwattled piglets this year. One of our litters of 9 ended up only have 3 double wattled piglets. We will continue to learn and make the breed better.

We introduced miniature zebus to the farm this year and had our first calf on October 6th. We are really excited and can't wait to start offering them for sale. Our main focus of course will still be Kunekunes. We just love the pigs so much.

We plan on having 7 litters next year with 2 first time moms, Shyla and Franny. We will again contact people in order of the waiting list. Each person gets 48 hours to respond then we move on to the next person on the list.

Thank you again for everyone who purchased a piglet from us this year, we are very grateful that you chose us to be your breeder and mentor. Thank you everyone who has patiently waited on our waiting list. Thank you for all of our Instagram followers! We have made some of the best friends through Instagram. Thank you for our Live Stream followers on Twitch your support has allowed us to monitor our pigs better and has saved them from injuries or other mishaps! We now have 6 cameras to watch all of our pigs. We plan to continue to grow the stream with more angles and cameras.

Halbert Farm was a dream I always had and in 2013 my dad moved from Hawaii to help me build the farm. We started with goats and quickly switched to Kunekune pigs. We were one of the first breeders in Texas but have remained selective on where our pigs go. We want to make sure they have the best homes and we are always available to help. We also make sure we will always have room in case any of our pigs need to come back. We are not super active on facebook since it seems to be more drama than helpful. A lot of people haven't heard of us since we choose to not market on facebook. Just remember we are always an email, message, text, or phone call away! We look forward to the 2022 farrowing season and a well deserved winter break! Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!

Rebeka, Josh, Ripley, dogs, pigs, horses, cows, donkey, and chickens!

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