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2023 Farrowing Plan

Updated: May 1

2022 has almost come to an end. We have had our ups and down just like any year. It was the hottest and driest year I have ever known since moving to Texas in 2008. Even with the hardships we had 6 beautiful litters with 38 piglets.

It's been an expensive year for farmers and ranchers with the cost of everything increasing but we have survived. Thank you to all who have supported us by visiting on our Airbnb Experiences, Shopping our Etsy Shop, using our Amazon store, or even watching our livestream. Every little bit helps and we use all profits to go back into the care of the animals.

In May we are hosting a Fort Worth Foto Fest event where photographers can come and take pictures of the piglets and all the animals. Be sure to stay tuned for more info.

If you are interested in getting a Kunekune from us in 2023 please read our waiting list and sale policy page. Then send us an email at If you thought you were on the waiting list and did not hear from us, please send me an email. It's possible I maybe have missed you.

Thank you again for helping make 2022 a success!

2023 Litters

Jenny x Tuahuru (Scarlett x Corbin) ~ Arrived April 12

First time pairing, Corbin always has excellent litters. So it will be very interesting to see what Scarlet (Ginger/Black) and Corbin (High White) produce.

COI: 6.1% IHKR

Scarlett Corbin


Jenny x Tonganui (Panda x Ranseur) ~ Arrived April 16th

Panda normally has an array of color when it comes to her litters even though she is a black and white. Ranseur is also black and white so we will see if we get any color. He is a rare bloodline and my favorite boar. He lived in the house till he got too big. He was such a little cuddle bug. Panda is always very protective of her babies and takes outstanding care of them.

COI: 3.44% IHKR

Panda Ransuer (when younger)


Awakino x Boris (Timber x Chopper) ~ Arrived May 1st

Chopper was an accidental father in 2021 and he had an amazing 10 piglet litter with the smallest sow we ever had. We will see if he can replicate that with a new mom Timber. Timber is Brown and white with a band on one side, making her tapeka traited. Chopper is a cream. So it should be another interesting pairing!

COI: 3.86% IHKR

Timber Chopper


Aria Giana x Whakanui (Mace x Puck)

Mace didn't have her usual fall litter in 2022 so we are going to try for the spring. Pike is our little goofball, he's always exploring and having fun. His piglets are always so fun and Mace is always an amazing mother.

COI: 3.65% IHKR

Mace Puck


Sally x Tutaki (Caltrop x Midnight)

Callie and Midnight will both be first time parents this spring. Callie is Brown and White and Midnight is an Agouti. Both are double wattled and very sweet.

COI: 3.33% IKHR

Callie (when younger) Midnight (when younger)


Tarutaru x Ru (Lefty x Pike)

Lefty is our very rare bloodline gilt from Quarter Circles Kunekunes her parents were from New Zealand. We are pairing her with Pike who is a ginger to get some color. They have a super low COI.

COI: 0.81% IKHR

Lefty Pike


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