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Why Us?

We are a small family owned and operated farm. Our animals are loved and considered part of the family. We make sure all of our pigs are going to great homes. Be sure to check out our Live Stream. All of our pigs come with:

  • 7 day trial period for all pigs with a 100% money back

  • 1 year free from health defects guarantee for all piglets bred by us

  •  Forever Return - at anytime if you can no longer take care of you pig, he/she will always have a home here at Halbert Farm 

  • All pigs come with a care packet that includes 1 weeks supply of food and your second dose of worming 

  • Boy pet pigs will be neutered free of charge

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 Halbert Farm was established in 2013 in Burleson, TX. We were one of the first Kunekune breeders in Texas. We specialize in Kunekune pigs and piglets. They are a friendly and docile grazing pig from New Zealand. Our Kunekunes are bred for hobby farmers, pets, and breeders. We like smaller Kunekunes because we find them more managable and try to keep our adult pigs to be around 200 pounds. If you are looking for big pork producing pigs our Kunekuness are not for you.  We also raise miniature Zebus, Salmon Faverolle Chickens, sell Farm Fresh Eggs, do Airbnb Animal Experiences, offer free fertilizer (manure), and provide egg incubation services. At Halbert Farm we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. We’d love for you to join the Halbert Herd.

For more information, get in touch!

Visit Us!

Interested in meeting our Kunekune Pigs? We now offer Airbnb Animal Experiences 6 days a week. This is a 1.5 hour farm tour for 18+ to learn about the breed and you get to interact with them. All our pigs know how to sit and you'll feed them treats, give them belly rubs, and see how special they are. We also offer a 10 year and up tour that is 1 hour called Meet the Kunekune Pigs. Please book through airbnb

Live Stream

Meet Halbert Herd!

Follow us on Twitch to view the farm anytime


  • Panda - Black and White She is the biggest girl 

  • Mace - Ginger 

  • Nugget - Ginger Head Black Body

  • Shyla - White and Black 

  • Ripley - Black with a tiny amount of white, she is the house pig

  • Dorothy - Black & White Ripley's full sister came back to live with us in 2020!

  • Scarlett - Ginger and Black, Nugget's full sister also came back to us in 2020

  • Francisca (Franny) - White with black circle on bum

  • Caltrop (Callie) - Brown and White, youngest girl

  • Trebuchet (Timber) - Brown (almost black) with White band on one side

  • Lefty - Black and White, has a ear tag

  • Woodstock - Ginger head and butt with a white body

  • Riley - Ginger/Black she is our other house pig

  • Arquebus (Archie) - Ginger and Black - Large Ears!

  • Corseque (Corrie) - White and Black

  • Cinquedea (Quid) - Try Color, curly hair


  • Uno - Ginger and Black

  • Corbin - High White

  • Tony Tony Chopper - Cream

  • Pike - Ginger Piglet

  • Glaive - Black and White Piglet

  • Puck - Brown

  • Ranseur - Black & White

  • Chakram (Midnight) - Brown (looks all back)

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