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Update 1/15/24: Egyptian Fayoumis have started to lay and we have our first eggs going into the incubator.  Please email to be added to the mailing list.


Please check my facebook post for the latest birds that are currently available.


Egyptian Fayoumi Chickens are small birds originating in Egypt. Roosters mature at 5 pounds and hens around 4 pounds. This breed of chicken has been around since the pharaohs ruled the land but are rare in the United States. They were imported by a university for genetic research.  They are valued for their hardiness to many poultry ailments and are hardy in hot weather. I am thinking they will be a great bird for Texas. 


No other breed matures as quickly,  pullets can start laying as early as 4 months, and the cockerels can start to crow at an unbelievable 5 to 6 weeks!


They are  active foragers and make a great bird for free-range flocks.


They are very pretty birds with silvery white hackles and white bars on black background throughout the body plumage. Leg color can be either willow green or slate blue. Baby chicks are highly colored in brown, black, and white markings on the back and a brownish purple head color.


Great producers of white/cream colored eggs, laying 3-5 weekly. 



Egyptian Fayoumis Chicks

    • We do not ship live chicks at this time. 
    • All live poultry is availalbe for local pickup only.
  • Straight Run Chicks

    • $8 for 1 day - 1 month old

    • $10 for 1 month - 4 months old

    Pullets / Hens

    • $20 over 4 months

    Cockerels / Roosters

    • $15 for over 4 months

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