Straight Run Salmon Faverolle Chicks 


Salmon Faverolles are listed as a "Threatened" heritage breed on The Livestock Conservancy list. They are one of the few chickens that have five-toes. They have beards and muffs, feathered feet, and a super sweet disposition. They are known to be barnyard comedians, being curious and enthusiastic in everything they do. They make great pets and are good with children. French bred  to be dual purpose bird, with meat favored by chefs for exceptional tenderness and to be winter egg layers. They are an excellent addition to anyones flock. I have found them to be super hardy in summer and winters here in Texas and have not lost one bird due to heat or that crazy winter storm we just had.


Hatching chicks regularly during the spring. Contact me if you would like to order a special batch throughout the year. Will sell 10+ chicks for $3 each. 



Salmon Faverolle Chicks