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The Order Piglets

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Instagram recently deleted my account, please follow our new account @texaskunekunes This post is about Amy, how she came to our farm, her piglets, and why she is so special to us.

Our first litter of 2021 on March 24th was DDA Awakino 3 - "Amaretto". We have nicknamed her Amy. We got Amy, Banks, and Emma all from a friend in January who was downsizing temporarily.

We quickly had to build farrowing pens for the 3 expectant mothers plus the 3 we had already bred for our own spring litters, Nugget, Clover, and Dorothy. Another good friend came over and helped us setup 8 pens for all the pigs! And we have been very busy building a new area for some of the boars and adults that are not in pig.

If you follow my Instagram you might know that Amy holds a very special place in our hearts. Our very first boar that we picked out from a piglet to become our herd sire so Uno could retire was a handsome and sweet guy named Tuck. He had wonderful Agouti stripes and perfect wattles. We purchased Mace and Clover along with Tuck as a breeding trio.

In the fall of 2019 the oak trees dropped an insane amount of acorns in the neighborhood that is adjacent to our farm. The pigs dug a way under the fence that had eroded from some rain and were exploring the neighborhood eating acorns to their hearts content. They were always back in their pens for dinner and we didn't realize they were even going out.

The neighbors started to enjoy their daily pig visits and people were playing with them and feeding them scraps. The pigs kept exploring further and further each day. One day Tuck and Possum were eating acorns in the wrong person's yard and he came out and shot them point blank. The other neighbor who had been playing with the pigs earlier saw the whole thing happen. They called me and I rushed to go there thinking I could save them but it was too late.

Since my pigs were on that person's property there was nothing I could do. We were terrified it would happen again. We kept the pigs locked in their pens and they were not allowed to graze while we double fenced the top 3 acres to pig proof the area. We haven't let the pigs on the back 7 acres where they got out since all of that happened. We named Puck after Tuck and Possum.

So what does this have to do with Amy? It turned out and this is purely coincidence that Amy is Tuck's full sister from the exact same litter! Tuck and Amy were the only Agouti piglets in the whole litter too! I didn't know until a month into having Amy. I was looking up her registration and I couldn't believe it!

Amy had 8 double wattled piglets! Unfortunately, a little girl didn't make it but the other 7 are thriving.

We had just finished binge watching the Netflix series "The Order" and decided to name the piglets after werewolves. We have:

  1. Midnight - Agouti

  2. Timer - Brown with White Stripe

  3. Silverback - Cream

  4. Tundra - Cream

  5. Greybeard - Brown & White

  6. Lycaon - Brown

  7. Alpha - Brown

All piglets are reserved and Lycaon is going to a very special place! The Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort in Austin! All the piglets will be going to their new homes at the end of May. Be sure to watch them on our Live Stream Amy and her piglets are in Pen 2. Subscribers are able to switch the camera views.

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