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"Glinda" - Halbert Farm Jenny 23
  • How adorable is this little girl! It's not very often I see a Ginger and Brown! Her little brown spots are so cute! This girl is going to make someone a very very special pet. She has Ripley our house pig's full sister as a mom and our most laid back sweet boar for a dad. Instagram voted and we have named this litter after The Wizard of Oz characters. Meet Glinda the Good witch!


    Female Pet Quality

    Color: Ginger / Brown

    Date of Birth: August 17th, 2021

    Will be weaned and ready for pickup: October 12, 2021


    Dam: AKPR 12816 Halbert Farm Jenny 6 - Kunai (Dorothy)

    Dorothy is full sister to Ripley! She has the shortest nose on the farm. I know the super short snouts looks super cool but I hate them for the Texas heat. So we try to keep our snouts a tad bit longer. She is double wattled and has a care free attitude.


    Sire: AKPR 7905 Kunekune Preserve Boris 9 - Uno

    Uno was our very first registred boar so he holds a very special place in our hearts. He is also super compact but big boned and the most gentle well mannered boar we have ever met. His offspring are always so friendly and sweet.


    Dorothy and Uno have a AKKPS COI of 5.6%



    We currently have a very short waiting list of people waiting for very specifc pigs! Email us today if you are interested reserving this piglet.



    *All female pets come with a spay clause. They will need to be spayed at owners expense before 6 months of age or will be forfeited back to Halbert Farm. An estiamte from your veterinarian is required before reserving a female pet piglet

    "Glinda" - Halbert Farm Jenny 23

      • 7 day trial period for all pigs with a 100% money back
      • 1 year free from health defects guarantee for all piglets bred here
      •  Forever Home - at anytime if you can no longer take care of you pig, he/she will always have a home here at Halbert Farm 
      • All pigs come with: 
        •  Care instruction packet
        • 1 weeks supply of food 
        • Dewormed
        • Vaccinated against Circovirus, Erysipelas, Parvo, and the 5 most common strains of Lepto
      • Male pet pigs will be neutered free of charge