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"Gravy" - CCLD Mahia Love 39
  • Big Country Gravy is Josh's nickname for this guy! He is a big dude and checks all the boxes. We took him over from another person getting out of Kunekunes, he was a little overweight so we have trimmed him down a little and now we are considering offering him up to a new home. We already have a Mahia Love boar Glaive and really do not have room for 10 boars. 


    CCLD Mahia Love 39 - "Gravy"

    Double Wattled

    Color: Ginger / Black / Tri

    Designator: None

    DOB: July 29, 2021

    Registration: IHKR 28045

    Bloodlines: Mahia Love / Wilsons Gina

    COI: IHKR: 6.7%


    "Gravy" - CCLD Mahia Love 39

    • BBK Mahia Love 9_ - "Luke"

      Double Wattled

      Color: Ginger / Black 

      Designator: None

      DOB: Jan 26, 2016

      Registration: IHKR 3592

      Bloodlines: Mahia Love / Rona

    •  RELIC Wilsons Gina 3 - "Bonnie"

      No Wattles

      Color: Black

      DOB: Oct 10, 2016

      Registation: IKHR 8991

      Bloodlines: Wilsons Gina / Boris