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"Nugget" - Halbert Farm Jenny 1
  • Halbert Farm Jenny 6 - Nugget

    Color: Tri

    DOB: 4/19/2019

    Wattles: 0


    AKKPS: 9206P

    AKPR: 12002


    Nugget was born 04/19/19. We had every intention of only keeping a boar from this litter but her coloring was so unique and she just had something about her we couldn't resist. She has no wattles and is not ideal for breeding but she has stolen her daddy's heart and truly is his baby. She is the calmest sweetest girl ever and all the other pigs seem to follow her lead no matter if they are younger or older. She is also the bravest one we have. She is not afraid of going nose to nose with any animal (she likes to pick fights with the cows) on the property and won't back down.


    "Nugget" - Halbert Farm Jenny 1

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