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Peanut - Awakino Kunekune Gilt Piglet
  • Color: Agouti

    Gilt  - Double Wattled


    Meet Peanut, Timber and Pike's adorable piglet. She has a beautiful agouti color that makes her stand out from the rest. Peanut is a cute double wattled Awakino gilt (female piglet), ready to find a loving home. She is part of a litter of 6 piglets, all named after nuts. Peanut is full of energy and personality, and will make a great addition to any pig-loving family.

    Email us today if you would like to reserve this piglet.


    Will be weaned and ready for pickup on August 17th!


    Date of Birth: June 17, 2024

    COI: 4.14% AKKPS

    IKHR and AKKPS Registration Available


    All piglets are vaccinated against:

    • Circovirus
    • Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae
    • Bordetella bronchiseptica
    • Pasteurella multocida types A and D
    • Erysipelas


    Peanut - Awakino Kunekune Gilt Piglet

      • 7 day trial period for all pigs with a 100% money back
      • 1 year free from health defects guarantee for all piglets bred here
      •  Forever Home - at anytime if you can no longer take care of you pig, he/she will always have a home here at Halbert Farm 
      • All pigs come with: 
        •  Care instruction packet
        • 1 weeks supply of food 
        • Dewormed
        • Vaccinated against Circovirus, Erysipelas, Parvo, and the 5 most common strains of Lepto
      • Male pet pigs will be neutered free of charge
      • Multi-Pig and Repeat Customer Discounts