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"Pike" - Carter Creek Farms Ru 13
  • Introducing Pike, the ideal boar for any family farm or homestead! He has been the perfect boar, with such a gentle disposition and always wearing a big smile. In fact, he's been so perfect that we've retained a male and female from him, this is why he is offered for sale.  Pike is on the smaller size, making him perfect for homesteader or family farms that prefer a more manageable pig size. With his charming personality and ideal size, Pike is the perfect addition to any farm looking to expand their swine family. Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome Pike to your farm! He is available to the perfect home only!


    Carter Creek Farms Ru 13

    Double Wattled

    Color: Ginger & Black

    AKKPS COI: 6.8% / IKHR COI: 4.41%


    Dual Registered: AKKPS 11730 / AKPR  21844

    "Pike" - Carter Creek Farms Ru 13

    • Piney Creek Farm Ru 12 - Mr. Wattles

      Bloodlines: Ru / Jenny 

    • Piney Creek Farm Sally 2 - Elenor Roosevelt Ginger/Black

      Bloodlines: Sally / Tutaki