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Rhea - Halbert Farm Haunene
  • Color: Black / White - High % White

    Gilt - Double Wattled


    We call little Rhea moo cow for fun becuase she looks like a little cow. She loves to run around and explore. Franny has had two very large healthy litters so far and has been an excellent mother. She also has her champion title. She is "some pig" and passes on those great genetics to her offspring. Don't miss out on your opportunity of getting a Halbert Farm Haunene line today.


    She can be dual registered with IKHR and AKKPS. Please let us know the registry you prefer. IKHR requires ear tags.  For breeding quality registered pigs, price includes DNA testing for parentage, microchip or ear tag, and registration fees.

    She comes from Champion bloodlines and Haunene is one of the rarer bloodlines so females from this litter are priced at $900.


      Email us today if you would like to reserve this piglet.


      Will be weaned and ready for pickup on 12/2


      Date of Birth: October 10, 2023

      COI:  2.89% IKHR

      Dual Registration with IKHR or AKKPS Availalbe

      All piglets are vaccindated againts:

      • Circovirus 
      • Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae
      • Bordetella bronchiseptica
      • Pasteurella multocida types A and D
      • Erysipelas

      Rhea - Halbert Farm Haunene

      • BPK Wakanui 1 - "Willy Wonka" aka Puck

        Double Wattled

        DOB: 6/30/2020

        Color: Brown

        Teat Line: 5/5 evenly spaced

        Dual Registered: AKKPS 28284 / AKPR 19762

        Bloodlines: Wakanui / BH Rebecca Gina