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"Rondel" - Halbert Farm Jenny
  • Color: Ginger / Black / Tri

    Gilt - Double Wattled


    Introducing Rondel - the Halbert Farm Jenny piglet with a striking resemblance to the famous orange cheesy snack! With her ginger-colored coat and black ears, Rondel is a unique and adorable addition to any farm. Not only is she visually appealing, but she also boasts a friendly and curious personality that makes her a joy to be around. 


    Date of Birth: October 7, 2023

    COI: 4.31% AKKPS / 3.86% IKHR

    AKPR and AKKPS Registration Availalbe

    "Rondel" - Halbert Farm Jenny

    • Carter Creek Ru 13 - “Pike” 

      Double Wattled

      Color: Ginger / Black

      DOB: May 29, 2020

      Dual Registered: AKKPS 11731  / AKPR 21844 

      Bloodlines: Ru / Sally

    • Halbert Farm Jenny 9  - "Kunai" aka Dorothy

      Double Wattled

      Color: Black & White

      Dual Registered: AKPR 12816 

      Bloodlines: Jenny / Ru