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Salmon Faverolle Hatching Eggs 1 dozen
  • We have sold out for 2024. 

    Salmon Faverolle Hatching Eggs from champion exhibition stock!  I collect eggs from my hatching pen Monday - Sunday and ship on Mondays. They are shipped priority mail and should arrive on Wednesdays. You will be provided a tracking number.


    My current shipping method only allows 12 eggs. Eggs ship from PT negative tested flock.  $80 includes shipping. Please check your weather, if its going to be below 40, we cannot ship eggs since embryos will die at 40 or below. 


    Email us if interested: I send out an email as soon as eggs are ready to everyone on my mailing list. First to respond will get the eggs that week. If multiple people respond, I will save the name for the next week if the weather is still ok.


    Salmon Faverolles have recently been upgraded  from "Threatened"  to "Watch" status on The Livestock Conservancy list from the hard work of breeders like ourselves! They are one of the few chickens that have five-toes. They have beards and muffs, feathered feet, and a super sweet disposition. They are known to be barnyard comedians, being curious and enthusiastic in everything they do. They make great pets and are good with children. French bred  to be dual purpose bird, with meat favored by chefs for exceptional tenderness and to be winter egg layers. They are an excellent addition to anyones flock. I have found them to be super hardy in summer and winters here in Texas and have not lost one bird due to heat or the winter storms. I do keep fans in the coop on extra hot days. 


    Salmon Faverolle Hatching Eggs 1 dozen

    • October 2022 - Abiline Poultry Show

      • Reserve Champion Continental Rooster out of 23 birds

      December 2022 - Klien Poultry Show

      • Reserve Champion Continental Hen out of 33 birds

      Janurary 2023 - Fort Worth Stock Show

      • Champion Continental Hen
      • Reserve Continental Pullet out of 37 birds

      April 2023 - South Texas Spring Classic

      • Champion Continental Hen
      • Reserve Continental Hen

      October 2023 - Texas State Fair

      • Champion Continental Cockerel out of 48
      • Reserve Grand Champion Display (best 7 birds)

      October 2023 - Abilene Fall Classic 

      • Champion Continental Pullet 
      • Reserve Continental Cockerel
      • Reserve Champion Large Fowl Pullet

      December 2023 - Klein 

      • Champion Continental Pullet (1st Show)
      • Reserve Continental Pullet (1st Show)
      • Champion Contiental Hen (2nd Show)

      January 2024 - Bluebonnet

      • Champion Continental Pullet out of 26 birds
      • Reserve Continental Pullet out of 26 birds

      January 2024 - Fort Worth Stock Show

      • Champion Continental Cockerel out of 44 birds 
      • Reserve Continental Cockerel out of 44 birds

      March 2024 - Norman, OK Mega Show

      • Reserve Show Champion! 
      • Champion Large Fowl Cockerel
      • Champion Continental Cockerel
      • Reserve Continental Cockerel 
      • We do not ship live chicks at this time. 
      • All live poultry is availalbe for local pickup only.