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Valliere - Halbert Farm Boris
  • Mace had 9 piglets late at night on October 9th. Josh had been watching The Olympian body building show all day and decided this litter's theme would be The Olympians.  


    Valliere has a thin line and one side and a larger triangle on the other, it almost goes all the way around but fails to reach the very top of his back.  He's got 1 tiny black dot that we could find on the back of his butt more on the back of his leg. Pricked ears.


    Male Pet

    *All Boy Pets are Nuetered before pick up and is included in sale price 

    Color: Ginger / White / Tri *Tapeka Traited

    Date of Birth: October 9, 2021

    Will be weaned and ready for pickup: December 4, 2021


    Dam: AKPR 10624 DDA Aria Giana 1 - Mace

    Mace always has the cutest babies and LOVES motherhood. She took in our calf as one of her piglets last year and even tried to steal piglets from other mom's this year. She will let them nurse even when she doesn't have milk! Mace is Ginger with a few black spots but always seems to product belted babies!


    Sire: AKPR 21843 Liberty Farms Mahia Love 13 - Glaive

    Glaive came from Libery Farms in Lousinna from our good friend Paula. She raises the sweetest pigs and Glaive is no exception. He is Black and White with perfecting shaped floppy ears and the cutest face! He loves swimming in the pond and is always happy.


    Mace & Glaive  has a 6.8% COI.



    Please contact us to join the waiting list for upcoming piglets. Once we have piglets born and your name is next on the list,  I will contact you with pictures and information for you to select the piglet of your choice. Once you have selected a piglet a deposit of $100 is due. Piglets will be weaned at 8 weeks and you will be able to pick up or have your piglet delivered at that time. Once you pickup your piglet the remaining balance is due. We charge $400 for pet pigs and $600 for breeding stock. We do offer multi pig and repeat customer discounts. 

    Valliere - Halbert Farm Boris

      • 7 day trial period for all pigs with a 100% money back
      • 1 year free from health defects guarantee for all piglets bred here
      •  Forever Home - at anytime if you can no longer take care of you pig, he/she will always have a home here at Halbert Farm 
      • All pigs come with: 
        •  Care instruction packet
        • 1 weeks supply of food 
        • Dewormed
        • Vaccinated against Circovirus, Erysipelas, Parvo, and the 5 most common strains of Lepto
      • Male pet pigs will be neutered free of charge