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Feeding your Kunekune Pig

Updated: Mar 31


Kunekunes can fatten on pasture grazing alone. If you do supplement with grain make sure it is 16% or lower in proteinI feed my feed store's brand "Bryant" 14% Hog Finisher twice a day. Depending on the size of the pig and how much pasture they are getting I adjust the amount.


Pigs do not have the ability to sweat, so it is very important to provide them with a pool or mud wallow. The mud in the summer will prevent them from getting sunburned. Clean drinking water is very important as well. We have to wash out and fill their waters daily. For Piglets a cement mixing tray works well.


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth - 2% of feed, So add 1 pound to a 50 pound bag of food. Helps as a natural dewormer.

Black Oil Sunflower seeds - Natural Dewormer for chickens and helps the pigs maintain a healthy coat.

Coconut Oil - I freeze ice cube trays with coconut oil and feed as a treat. Helps with a healthy coat and with dry skin.



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