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How Big Do Kunekune Pigs Get? A Guide to These Adorable Grazing Pigs

Kunekune pigs are gaining popularity for their gentle nature and adorable appearance. If you're considering adding these furry friends to your home, homestead, or farm, it's important to understand how big they can get. Let's dive into the details!

Kunekune Pigs: Smaller Than You Might Think

Compared to many other domestic pig breeds, Kunekune pigs are relatively small. They have a compact build and short legs, giving them a charming, low-to-the-ground look.  While not exactly "teacup pigs," they are a manageable size for many families and farms.

Average Size of Adult Kunekune Pigs

  • Height: Kunekune pigs typically reach about 24 inches (60 centimeters) tall at the shoulder.

  • Length: They can grow up to 4 feet (1.2 meters) long.

  • Weight:

  • Sows (females): Usually weigh between 120-200 pounds (54-90 kilograms)

  • Boars (males):  Tend to be larger, weighing between 200-300 pounds (90-136 kilograms)

Factors Affecting Kunekune Pig Size

Several factors can influence how big your Kunekune pigs get:

  • Genetics: Some bloodlines are naturally larger than others.

  • Diet:  A balanced, nutritious diet will help your pigs reach their full size potential.

  • Health: Healthy pigs tend to grow better than those with underlying health issues.

Are Kunekune Pigs Right for You?

The relatively small size of Kunekune pigs makes them a good choice for various situations:

  • Family Pets: We have 2 Kunekune and one mini pig that live in the house with us. We enjoy them more than the dogs, they are clean, quiet, and low maintenance.

  • Homesteads: They are easy to handle and don't require as much space as larger pig breeds.

  • Family Farms: Their gentle nature makes them great companions for children and other animals.

  • Grazing: Kunekune pigs are excellent grazers, helping maintain pastures and clear brush.

Things to Consider

  • Fencing: Secure fencing is essential to keep your Kunekune pigs safe and contained.

  • Shelter: Provide adequate shelter to protect them from extreme weather conditions. Here is another post on shelters.

  • Veterinary Care: Regular checkups and vaccinations will ensure your pigs stay healthy.

In Conclusion

Kunekune pigs are a delightful breed known for their compact size and endearing personality.  If you have the space and resources to provide proper care, these charming pigs can be a wonderful addition to your life!

Gravy - our Largest Boar Woodstock - one of our smallest Sows

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