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How to Dual Register Your Kunekune Pig

Updated: 1 day ago

Currently, all of our kunekune pigs are dual-registered with both IKHR and AKKPS. This allows us to offer our piglets to a wider pool of breeders. With all the rules in each registry, it can get confusing. The best way to dual-register your pig will start with your breeder registering them with IKHR.

IKHR has stricter rules and will not accept all pigs as registered. They must be double-wattled, have double-wattled lineage, and now be ear tagged. No Microchoprs are allowed. Once you receive your registration certificate from IKHR via email, you can dual register your pig with AKKPS.

AKKPS has recently updated its website and herdbook; it has made everything self-service, and they have eliminated all the fees. So now, your one membership fee covers everything!

Steps to Dual Register:

  1. Login to the member portal

  2. If you are not a member, you will have to join AKKPS

  3. Once you log in to your member portal, there is a link for Dual Registration.

4. Enter your IKHR Name and Registration Number

5. Fill out the required information and upload your IKHR Certificate

6. Submit, and you should have your registration certificate back in a few days also via email

Super easy! For people who do not want an ear tag or if anyone wants a registered pig without wattles, we will be offering AKKPS only registration. It's also a little more complicated to dual register an AKKPS pig to IKHR, so we like to start with IKHR, and then the new owners must complete the dual registration. Breeders are NOT allowed to submit the dual registration for you.

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