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Available Kunekune Pigs

Our spring litters are almost here and we need to make some room to get ready for their arrival.

We recently had two pet Kunekunes returned. Socks who is black and white 3 years old boy. He is just the happiest guy always with a smile. He was part of our Grand Canyon litter. His parents got divorced and could no longer keep him. He did have a pig sibling but he went to another home.

About a week after Socks came back. Leonardo from our Ninja turtles fall litter also returned. His family moved into a city that no longer allowed pet pigs. Unfortunately, he is very overweight and needs to continue his diet at his new home. Other than that he is super happy and loves belly rubs. It would be amazing to find these two a home together with a bit of land so they could graze. They are both neutered and ready for their forever homes.

I am asking $300 each or $400 if they can find a home together. Price is negotiable to the right home.

Then we also have 2 piglets left from our January litter. Echo who is a breeding quality gilt and Gambit a breeding quality boar. Since neither have found homes with a farm looking to breed, they can also be offered as pets. They are both double wattled and Ginger, Black, and white in color, very flashy! They both love belly rubs and are pretty small for their age. If you know anyone looking for breeding stock please pass the info on. Or if you would like a pet that is a bit younger, they can be pets as well. $700 for registered breeding stock or $500 for pets.

We also have Gravy, a boar we rescued last year. He was also overweight and we have him down to his correct weight now. He is Ginger, Black, White in color and an extremely nice boar bred by Laurie Draheim. He is registered with IKHR and could easily be dual registered with AKKPS. The only reason we are not keeping him is he is Mahia Love and we already have a Mahia Love boar. He is going to be 3 years old in July and has had several litters. If anyone you know is looking for a nice large, big boned, proven boar, let them know about Gravy. He is your guy! He is also a love bug and just wants attention.

If your not currently looking for a new Kunekune to add to your herd or family, please pass the word and refer @halbertfarm if you see anyone looking. We appreciate your business and your support over the years!

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