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2024 Farrowing Schedule

Updated: Apr 17

2023 flew by! While spring didn't bring the expected piglet boom, we ended up with 6 fall litters. Ending the year with a total of 10 litters and 44 piglets that found their forever homes!

Prices on everything continued to rise and we witnessed countless breeders get out of Kunekunes even some beloved mentors. With so many people getting out of the "business" the market was flooded and we took in several Kunekunes as rescues and even our first ever "mini pig".

We have started planning our late Spring litters for this year. If you are interested in getting a Kunekune from us in 2024 please read our waiting list and sale policy page. Then send us an email at sending us the information described on the sale policy page.

Thank you again for helping make 2024 a success by supporting us by visiting us, Shopping our Etsy Shop, using our Amazon store, or even watching our livestream. Every little bit helps and we use all profits to go back into the care of the animals.

2024 Litters

Aria Giana x Boris (Biscuits x Franky)

Arrive January 23, 2024. 7 piglets named after Marvel Characters!

Biscuits Franky


Jenny x Tutaki (Nugget x Midnight)

We gave Nugget 2023 off so we will see if she is able to get pregnant this year. Midnight has both wattle genes making his litters 100% wattled. Nugget is an amazing mother and she is our herd matriarch. We would expect these piglets earliest in mid May.

COI: 4.36% IHKR

Nugget Midnight


Sally x Mahia Love (Caltrop x Glaive)

Hoping to get first time piglets from Callie this year, we have not had luck so far. It's probably because I desperately need to update both of their pictures! I seem to only have piglet photos of both! Seriously though, we tried pairing her with Midnight and Puck last year with no luck. Glaive is a more experienced boar so hoping that will do the trick. Planned for mid May - June.

COI: 3.56%

Caltrop (Callie) Glaive


Keropa x Tuahuru (Ren x Corbin)

Rentaka will be a first time mom this spring and we paired her with our Champion boar Corbin. They are both extremely friendly. Corbin loves belly rubs. Planned for mid May - June.

COI: 4.4308%

Ren Corbin


Awakino x Ru (Timber x Pike)

Timber has both wattle genes so her litters come out 100% wattled she is also Tapeka Traited so we have a great chance of some pretty cool piglets! Planned for mid May - June.

COI: 4.146%

Timber Pike


Aria Giana x Tonganui (Mace x Ranseur)

Mace is my favorite mom, she's getting a little older and didn't have any litters last year so if she does have a litter it will be a nice bonus. She is one our of original sows and we have had her since a 3 month old. She's got to watch our farm grow. Planned for mid May - June.

COI: 3.13%

Woodstock Ransuer


Fall 2024 Litters

Depending how the Spring / Early Summer litters go, we will start planning our fall litters in June for October farrowing.

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