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Farrowing Schedule

Updated: Nov 6

This is our planned farrowing (birthing) schedule. Farrowing is a word specific for pigs and is the act of giving birth. If you would like to join the waiting list for a piglet please email us at halbertfarm@gmail.com

You can easily remember a pigs gestation period by "3 months 3 weeks and 3 day". This actually adds up to 114 days, however Kunekunes have a gestation period of 116 days. I really like the New Zealand Kunekune's associations post on farrowing if you want to read more information on the subject. Females go into heat every 3 weeks.


Spring (April) - Trish x Tonganui (Shyla x Ransuer)

Shyla will be a first time mom and Ransuer will also be a first time sire. Shlya is white & Brown. Ransuer is brown and white. We could end up with some Agouti babies in this litter. We never know! Both are double wattled.

COI: 3.63% IKHR

Spring (April) - Jenny x Whakanui (Nugget x Puck)

This pairing will both be 2nd time parents but it will be the first time paring them together. Panda who is Nugget's mom had a really nice litter with Puck last year. Hoping daughter follows in mother's footsteps. Nugget is ginger black and Puck is Agouti.

COI: 3.38% IKHR

Spring (April) - Jenny x Mahia Love (Scarlet x Glaive)

Another 2nd time parents but first time pairing together. Both Scarlet and Glaive are double wattled so hoping they will be the right combination for a full double wattled litter!


Spring (April) - Jenny x Tuahuru (Dorothy x Corbin)

Corbin is a high white and has a compact build. Dorothy has her daddy's length. Dorothy's dad was an amazing Ru boar that was long and wide. He is really Kunekune perfection. So, this paring should be interesting to see if Dorothy brings out that extra length or if the piglets remain a little more compact either way they are going to nice with interesting color. Dorothy is black and white so I imagine high whites with black spots.

COI: 5.6% IKHR

Spring (April) - Jenny x Boris (Panda x Uno)

Panda and Uno never disappoint last time we paired them Panda has 7 piglets and 5 of those were double wattled even though Uno does not have wattles. They were my One Piece litter and they had one of every color. We had our first cream, a ginger, brown/white, black/whites, ginger/blacks. Panda is black/white and Uno is ginger/black so it just proves you never know what color you are going to get. Can't wait to see how their babies turn out this time.


Fall - Haunene x Ru (Franny x Pike)

Franny will be a first time mom in the fall, along with a first time dad Pike. Franny is a rare bloodline and a high white. Pike is a ginger with a perfect shaped head. Both are double wattled. The fall can't come fast enough! This is a much anticipated litter!

COI: 3.57% IHKR

Fall - Aria Giana x Tonganui (Mace x Ranseur)

Mace loves having fall babies and getting to eat pumpkins! I think we will try to pair her with Ranseur who is a rare bloodline and my favorite little boar. He lived in the house till he got too big. He was such a little cuddle bug.

COI: 2.99% IHKR

2021- Past Litters

March 24, 2021 - Awakino x Tuahuru (Amaretto x Kenny)

Amaretto aka Amy came to us pregnant and was exposed to 2 different boars. DNA results are in and Amy's Piglets are Tuahuru. Amy had 8 piglets all double wattled!

March 31, 2021 - Sally x <Tutaki or Tuahuru> (Banks)

Banks aka Amy came to us pregnant and was exposed to 2 different boars. Banks had 6 piglets!

April 5, 2021 - Jenny x Tuahuru (Nugget x Corbin)

Nugget is a first time mom and seems to have settled successfully with Corbin. Nugget had 5 piglets!

COI: 6.10% AKKPS

June 25, 2021 - Aria Giana x Boris (Emma x Chopper)

Emma had 10 piglets! 6 girls and 4 boys. 6 were double wattled. Most are either Tapeka Traited or High % White. A super cool and large litter! Especially since Emma is our smallest pig and Chopper was not even 1 years old when they bred.

COI: AKPR 1.7%

July 31, 2021 - Jenny x Boris (Scarlet x Chopper)

Scarlett had 5 piglets on July 31st! Only 1 was double wattled. We are going to wait on DNA results to confirm the sire before offering her up for sale. The other 4 can go to homes as pets.

August 5, 2021 - Jenny x Whakanui (Panda x Puck)

Puck was able to get Panda pregnant after all! We didn't think it worked out just because Puck was younger. She only had 3 piglets but they are so precious!

COI: 4.01% AKPR

August 17, 2021 - Jenny x Boris (Dorothy x Uno)

Dorothy will be a first time mom this year.She had 5 piglets with Uno! 2 were double wattled boars.

COI: 5.6% AKKPS / 3.92% AKPR

October 9, 2021 - Aria Giana x Mahia Love (Mace x Glaive)

Mace and Glaive had 9 piglets! We have 6 boys and 3 girl and 4 of those are Tapeka Traited! Mace is almost a solid ginger, she has 1 tiny black spot and Glaive mostly black with a tiny bit of white. So having belted babies was a huge surprise!


Not all breedings are confirmed. We do not have piglets born from November - February just because the weather can be unpredictable and I hate the cold! All of our piglets are sold via our waiting list as first on the list, first pick. Waiting list details can be found here.

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