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Farrowing Schedule

Updated: Jun 26

This is our planned farrowing schedule and we will keep it updated as plans change. You can easily remember a pigs gestation period by "3 months 3 weeks and 3 day". This actually adds up to 114 days, however Kunekunes have a gestation period of 116 days. I really like the New Zealand Kunekune's associations post on farrowing if you want to read more information on the subject.


March 24, 2021 - Awakino x Tuahuru (Amaretto x Kenny)

Amaretto aka Amy came to us pregnant and was exposed to 2 different boars. DNA results are in and Amy's Piglets are Tuahuru. Amy had 8 piglets all double wattled!

March 31, 2021 - Sally x <Tutaki or Tuahuru> (Banks)

Banks aka Amy came to us pregnant and was exposed to 2 different boars. Banks had 6 piglets!

April 5, 2021 - Jenny x Tuahuru (Nugget x Corbin)

Nugget is a first time mom and seems to have settled successfully with Corbin. Nugget had 5 piglets!

COI: 6.10% AKKPS

June 25, 2021 - Aria Giana x Boris (Emma x Chopper)

Emma had 10 piglets! 6 girls and 4 boys. 6 were double wattled. Most are either Tapeka Traited or High % White. A super cool and large litter! Especially since Emma is our smallest pig and Chopper was not even 1 years old when they bred.

COI: AKPR 1.7%

July? - Jenny x Boris (Scarlet x Uno)

We exposed Scarlet to Uno briefly on February 6th and had a confirmed breeding. She should be due May 31st. However she may not have settled, she is down back with Uno still, waiting for her to start showing.


July - August? - Jenny x <Boris or Tuahuru> (Dorothy x <Uno or Corbin>)

Dorothy will be a first time mom this year. It appears she may not have settled into pregnancy like we initially thought. We wanted her bred with Uno but there is a slight possibility she could have gotten bred with Corbin. We had them all together thinking she was in pig but Corbin has recently been showing a lot of interest in her.

COI: 5.6% AKKPS / 3.92% AKPR

August - Aria Giana x Mahia Love (Mace x Glaive)

Mace and Glaive were together from April - May. She is now down back in the pasture with Uno.


September - Jenny x Boris (Panda x Uno )

Panda is down back in the pasture with Uno right now.

COI: 4.01% AKPR

?? - Tapeka x Ru (Clover x Pike)

Clover we have historically had a difficult time getting her to settle. We had a confirmed breeding with a due date of April 5th. However it looks like she may have come back into heat and we have her with Pike right now. So her date will most likely be a surprise.


2022 Feb - Trish x Boris (Shyla x Chopper) COI: 6.5% AKPR Fall - Haunene x ? (Franny) COI: TBD

Fall - ? x Tonganui (Ranseur) COI: TBD

Not all breedings are confirmed. We do not have piglets born from November - February just because the weather can be unpredictable and I hate the cold! All of our piglets are sold via our waiting list as first on the list, first pick. Waiting list details can be found here.

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