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No Waiting List

We normally only sell our Kunekune pigs via our waiting list. Currently we only have a few people on the list and it is time consuming for me to contact them and follow up just to be told they are currently not ready yet to select a pig. I've decided for the time being there will be no waiting list.

We have around 20 piglets available in all kinds of colors. In order to plan for Spring piglet litters we have to pair the adults together this month. It doesn't make sense to pair pigs together if we do not have homes lined up for these 20+ piglets. It would be very irresponsible of us. Since I am currently not planning on breeding piglets in the near future there is no need for a waiting list.

If and when you are ready for an adorable, loving, smart, and friendly, Halbert Farm Kunekune in your life please check out our sale page to see what's available and then send us an email.

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