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Emma's Charlie Brown Piglets!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

We had been waiting on Emma to "pop" for two weeks she was getting so huge she could barely walk! Finally at 1 am on June 25th Emma went into labor. She quickly had 6 piglets and I thought wow great litter. Emma is on the very small scale for a Kunekune so we didn't expect a big litter. She also only has 10 teats. But more piglets kept coming! By 2:30 am she had had 10 piglets! I had to keep counting because I could not believe she had so many!

We had thought Emma was pregnant when we got her and the other girl pigs were picking on her and we had a little boar Chopper that was getting picked on by the boys. So we put Emma and Chopper together and they got along great.

Emma's original due date came and went, then she got SUPER pregnant so that means our little Halbert Farm bred boar Tony Tony Chopper is a first time daddy!

All the little piglets remind of us Charlie Brown so we named them all after Charlie Brown Characters!

This is little Linus! He is so adorable with his little "blankie" coming up his right side so he always has it with him.

Schroeder is another little pet boy who is a full ginger. If you remember the Charlie Brown character that plays the piano his name is Schroeder!

Of course there had to be a Snoopy when you think about Charlie Brown! This little guy is double wattled and super flashy!

The next little guy would have been named "Pig Pen" but he has already been reserved and his new "pigrents" have named him Georgie. I love his little black tail with the tiny white tip!

Now on to the girls! Lucy has lot of tiny black spots and is double wattled. Hopefully she doesn't like pulling pranks like the real Lucy.

Sally is Charlie Brown's younger sister! She is going to be a pet for someone special. She is Tapeka traited with a cute little white belt, She looks just like her mom minus the wattles.

Now the character you have all been waiting for! Meet Charlie Brown, yes she is a girl! So we are just calling her Charlie. But her little markings reminded us of Charlie Brown. She has it all! Double Wattled, Tapeka Traited Tri color.

Peppermint Patty is our double wattled pure ginger! Did you know that most recessive color in Kunekunes is the plain ginger color.

Marcie is a little ginger and black girl with a full black back leg which reminded me of Marcie and her jet black hair. She is not double wattled and will be offered as a pet.

The last and our personal favorite is Woodstock! She has a cutest ginger head, white body, and a Ginger butt!

We do not sell piglets online and we operate off a waiting list and only to approved homes. If you are on our waiting list we will be contacting you soon. If you would like to join our list, please send us an email.

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