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How we are surviving Quarantine

On March 16th, 2020 I sent my dad to the feed store for a trip to buy enough feed so we could self quarantine. I told him to buy 2 weeks worth of food thinking that would be sufficient to quarantine ourselves.Then I thought for a second and told him he better get 3 weeks "just to be safe". Little did I know that over a month later we would still be quarantine. Texas issued their "stay at home" order on April 3rd but we had already been staying at home for 2 weeks prior.

For my dad, his life changed drastically, he likes to Kroger and get a few items each day. He runs errands to the post office and up to the feed store. The mail lady used to drive our mail in and they would have a little chat each day. I've been making him stay inside for almost 6 weeks now.

For me, my life has been pretty much the same. I work from home normally. I never went to the grocery store. I have been ordering my groceries online for two years now. I usually have my son go pick them up. So, it's been business as usual. I do miss giving my airbnb animal experience farm tours on the weekends.

Ripley and I have been keeping ourselves busy, by learning how to paint, playing with our new piglets, getting lots of riding on my horse Gemini done, and we even got 2 new cows.

I never thought I would be living inside a movie, thats what this Coronavirus (COVID-19) feels like to me. A bad movie that never ends. But as of right now everyone in my family is doing well. We have some friends who are sick but are getting better. Stay safe everyone!

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