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"Link" our Livestock Protecting Donkey

Link ( originally named Amigo ) is our rescue donkey from the North Texas Humane Society. We went to adopt another donkey but when we got there we fell in love with this guy right away. He was so sweet and came right up to us. He had just arrived and technically wasn't available but we had to have him. We spent all day there waiting so they could get the paperwork ready and get him his shots and it was well worth it.

We got Link to help protect our animals as we had had coyotes coming on our property for our chickens. Link is so gentle and sweet we thought that there is no way he can run off coyotes but sure enough he has been protecting the flock ever since. He spends his days hanging out with the horses and constantly wanting treats and more food. With the addition of our two new miniature zebus Link now has two new friends to hang out with all day grazing.

Our veterinarian says Link is a cross of a very special endangered donkey breed from France. The Poitou Donkey, there is a breeder close to use called Texas Poitou Donkeys and we think someone must have bred a Jerusalem Donkey to a Poitou to make Link. In the summer time Link grows dreadlocks and we have to shave him so he doesn't get too hot.

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