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Salmon Faverolle Chicks and more

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

I've been breeding Salmon Faverolles for the past 5 years with the goal of showing them. I finally achieved that goal last year and have learned a tremendous amount about chickens! We now have exhibition stock birds instead of hatchery. They will be more in line with the breed standard for coloring. You will see a lot of hatchery stock with black in their beards. The exhibition birds will also be larger. I couldn't believe the first time I saw a Orpington at a chicken show! I always thought they were small birds. So these exhibition birds will be the true size they are meant to be per the American Poultry Association standards!

We have also expanded into Silkies, Red Bourbon Turkeys (thanks to our good friends @YogiHollowFarm),Beilfelders, and Egyptian Fayoumis. Click on the images below to learn more about each.

Hatch Schedule

  1. Salmon Faverolle Chicks 3/13

    1. 9 available - straight run $8

  2. Red Bourbon Turkey Poults

    1. 2 available - $12

  3. Silkies hatching 3/16

    1. 4 potential - straight run $8

  4. Salmon Faverolle Chicks 3/24

    1. straight run $8

If you want sexed Salmons, Pullets are $20 or Cockerels are $10 and they will be available starting in May.

Please visit our website, we have updated prices and breeds available. We will be offering the Egyptian Faouymis and Beilfelders hopefully late summer!

Salmon Faverolle Pair Available

I have a bonded pair Rooster and Pullet available. They were on display at the Fort Worth Stock Show. The Rooster is exhibition stock from Greer Poultry but doesn't have a good enough comb to show him. He could be used for breeding though or would definitely make a great addition to a backyard flock. The pullet is from hatchery stock. Asking $30 for the pair.

Pickup Only

We currently only offer pickup at our farm for chicks. Please email us or you can text/call (682) 582-0781 to schedule a time.

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